Fishbone Patented Deep Resonance Bridge System:

This design evolved over the course of 5 years and the results have been everything that we had hoped. This system provides a number of key benefits:

a.  Improved transmission into body:

The supporting member of each string provides a cumulative full square inch of contact area resulting in much greater interaction between the wood and the vibrations of the strings. Why do we want this? The wood vibrating causes cancellation of certain harmonics and reinforcement of others, giving the bass a more "woody" tone. Without this canceling and reinforcement the tone would be sterile and lack character.

b.  Improved sustain:

With the string captured in the body of the instrument, the vectors of force on the bridge piece are working to push the bridge piece into the body of the instrument (not so with a standard bridge). That, along with the larger contact area results in a much greater sustain.