Fishbone Bass Guitar Features:

Some of the elements that go into each of our basses that make them unique.

Hand-Rubbed Polymerizing Oil Finish

All basses are finished with a hand-rubbed polymerizing oil finish resulting in a finish that doesn’t get between you and your instrument. A combination of natural and synthetic oils that soak deep into the wood leaving behind a natural wood luster and depth that just cannot be matched by any other finish.

Over the years we have experimented with many different finishes from “old school” to exotic and have come full circle to our original hand-rubbed oils. Sprayed finishes, while sometimes very durable just cannot match the natural wood beauty and depth that oils bring out. In our opinion, coating these magnificent woods in a thick layer of glossy plastic is like buying an expensive couch, then putting slipcovers on it (if you’re old enough to remember those). You can own the bass, but your not able to actually touch it! Hard plastic finishes are also generally not repairable while our finish is extremely easy to repair.