Fishbone Patented Deep Resonance Bridge System:

This design evolved over the course of 5 years and the results have been everything that we had hoped. This system provides a number of key benefits:

c.  String-to-string isolation:

Each string is mechanically isolated from its neighbor, which limits the harmonic effects of other vibrating strings.

d.  Aesthetics:

By virtue of its function the bridge is part of the instrument, as opposed to something bolted on. (Form Fits Function)

e.  Adjustments

Intonation can be adjusted by sliding the bridge piece saddle into position then locking it in place with it's set screw. Little adjustment is necessary due to the fact that the individual bridge pieces are mounted in such a way as anticipate proper intonation. The threaded design also allows for height adjustment.

Sample Recorded directly into Sound Forge via an M-Audio FW410. (24 bit @ 88.2kHz)(.mp3)